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Last night at work was hell. I was in shoes and had four pallets. I managed to only take two back, which manager Kenny seemed happy about. Read more...Collapse )

I checked my check (pun?) online and $432.26 was there. I mean i'm happy its above $430 but i'm confused. My second payweek here I got $480 WITHOUT Holiday pay, and that was working all my days and I work all my days usually (i've missed two days so far) so why is my pay so much lower? I can't wait until the holidays. Alot of work but good holiday pay :) For memorial day I was given $50 extra on my pay. I can't miss another day until December anyways because only 3 in six months is allowed. If I miss even one day my check is only like $380. From this check $100 is directly deposited into my Chase savings account. Might add more to the Direct Deposit later.

I need to buy a scanner with this check as i'm drawing again and want to upload to DeviantArt. You can see my art here. I will never draw professionally. I'm not good enough but a vet tech is my other dream which I will accomplish. That's what my savings account is for. College money, which I will not touch.

Onto that subjuct ^ If you want me to draw something cartoony for you message me. All proceeds go to my savings account. An example of my work:

I can do that kind of style and yo can see more in my gallery on Deviant art.

Alright enough of the art stuff. I'll be 21 in 10 weeks YAY!

Cat Issues

I went to the vet today because I was worried about sunny who has lost weight and not been playing, but still eating and drinking fine. Figured it was worms. He still has a bit of a belly but is skinny almost everywhere else. Took him in and the vet thinks its maybe worms or he said it could be FIP. He said it woul be fatal because he's a kitten and very weak as it is. I started crying in the vet office (which I hate crying in public!). But he gave me something for a sinus infection and some worming meds. He wants sunny to gain weight and if after a few days the medicine doesn't help (he said thats how fast the worms should leave his system) they might need to try something else. I really hope Sunny doesn't have FIP. From day one Sunny has had so many problems (URI and ringworm)and now this? Hopefully its only intestinal worms and he'll be fine soon. But I don't want to loose him. I adore Sunny. And if I loose Sunny the thing is he might be contageous as FIP transmits to other animals. But things usually turn out ok in the end for me so maybe this is the same way. The total price was $96.09, but he let me pay only $70 now as that was all I had (my dad had to borrow $60 last minute). So next time I go in i'll pay the rest.

In other news (which is neither bad nor good) my uncle and his family are moving to California and want to get rid of their cat. They found him homeless but he's healthy and neutered. They asked my dad if he'd take him and my dad said I would. :/ WTH? I mean I'd love another cat if I could afford it. I spend about $200 a month for Kali and Sunny as it is. Their cat is an older cat so the vet bill shouldn't be good. But it depends what happens in the next three months as they're moving in December.


To Do

In no specific order what I need to do:
  •  Get a car
  • Get a job
  • Get an apartment
  • Open a bank account (savings)
  • Get into VTI
Yep. I got the job first, then opened the bank account, then yesterday bought the car. Need to get my license then I can look for jobs other than porter.  Yay! I'm so happy. But the hard part is VTI. I'll post pics of the car soon and updated pics of my kitties since i know you're starved for them.


Events of The Day

 What the hell? So many things happened today.

1) A gave me Bear finally
2) R, who is the mean one usually, started being nice to be and is starting to mellow out on the dog (made it clear to me at least that he wouldn't go and shoot it with the beebee gun).
3)A started being mean. Calling me fat and to get on a treadmill and such.

And finally I don't know what to do with Bear. I know, I know there is a chance that R could hurt Bear but everyone seems to think he beats on her every second. He has kicked her once and scared her once, but says he doesn't like that dog but he wouldn't kill it, but says he isn't an animal lover (like me). And I know I made it seem like he hits her every day, but I  seemed so overwhelmed because I just had found out he hit her and for the first time I was just scared but since it has been a few days and she hasn't been hit or anything i'm going to wait to rehome her. She is now my dog so I have full say over what happens and who touches her. I am home almost all the time right now since i'm looking for a job, but don't have a car and not in college yet. Both A and R start going back to school tomorrow. Because R ran away and dropped out of his senior year he must now finish this school year (until June) as a Junior and next year be a senior. So for eight hours of the day Bear is safe and after seven no one goes outside, where Bear plays and runs around, and bedtime I don't worry about. And for three hours I don't worry (from four to seven). So i'm not rehoming her atm.
I know some will disagree, but since this is my journal I ask that you be civil and not be so negative towards me. I know most of you won't listen to me and think i'm bad but I disagree with you. I know what is going on in my life and I know what to do. I am going to take Bear to the vet in two weeks to make sure she isn't hurt or anything then make my decision from there.


Well I promised you pictures :D

 GRETA GOT ADOPTED! YAY! The border collie I told of you yesterday has been adopted :D! YAY!

Okay now pics of the Sharpei Puppy:

he's super friendly, being a puppy. he loves to sit between your legs. Today he was playing with this older lab puppy and got between my feet as if saying "haha you can't touch me!". he loves treats and loves pets. he's not scared of dogs at all either.

Training, Wishing, and Job..ing?

 I bought a pack of tennis balls and a bag of chicken-flavored treats and will start training the dogs at the local shelter (where I volunteer at) so I can get them adopted more easily. Dogs have a better chance of being adopted if they are trained. I'm not teaching anything major just the starters. I mainly want to work with Greta. She's such a sweet dog and great on recall and sit. 

I've been begging my sister for a puppy. I'm living with her and her apartment allows small dogs. The apartment just next to hers allows pets. I'm getting a MCDONALDS interview tomorrow and hopefully I get the job. If I do I won't move until after Christmas, since I want to celebrate it with them. I still could but forgive laziness.

Anyways with my last post Girlie's owners came to get her. They were so happy to get her back. I walked dogs for four hours Monday or Tuesday...Can't really remember the day. But we got a Sharpei puppy in, so if anyone wants a creme colored Sharpei puppy less than 2 months old then message me :) . We also have some newborn terrier mixes that won't be ready for a few weeks but message and i'll tell you when they're up for adoption. There are many other dogs and i'll post them here and in some communities as well.

Christmas is coming up. The new job (hopefully?) will help me out there. I'll save up enough to buy my sister, her son, and others presents. I hope my sis gets me a puppy. I want one so bad :( . But I suppose I can wait. I wish I knew how to drive. Yes I don't know how yet. But my sister said since I don't know how to drive yet she'll still drive me even if I live in the apartment. I'm definitely thinking about that.

Anyways I suppose i'll post again after tomorrow's events.

Animal Shelter

 I walked a pomeranian named Girlie at the Animal Shelter today. She's a senior dog, but I didn't even notice. She seemes only like a one or two year old with how she runs and explores. She's such a sweet girl.

I can't wait to get my own place. I've been applying to many jobs and nothing yet. My last resort is McDonalds. I still need to learn how to drive though. Damn me putting everything off until the last moment. But anyways I also played with a kitten I want to adopt. Need to get a place first though. My sister's apartment won't allow cats (only small dogs).

Anyways this was an update post. I'll post again soon.

What's Going To Happen

 We are moving to either Richmond or San Antonio. My brother wants a pit bull puppy, but everyone knows i'll be the one picking up after it and and train it. So mostly it's going to end up being "mine".  I don't know which dog i'm going to get. Maybe a Border Collie or Lab? I can't get a small dog, not with a pit bull. I'm not saying a pit bull will kill it, but when they play he might accidentally hurt it. I'm also going to get kittens, around the same time as the dogs because I want them to get along. Though I know i'll need to monitor both of them.

I will be on poop duty for both dogs, and i'll be training, feeding, and bathing them. So it's like having two dogs. So i'll be having four pets plus maybe a bird. I love animals and heck I suppose this is the right time. 

Water/Food Bowls

Hopefully we move by next month. Get done settling in. Then get the pets. I love caring for them. I connect better with them anyways. Wish me luck every one.

On My Own?

 I need to be on my own already. You don't know how many times within the past month i've applied to jobs. My last resort is the fast food business, but if I really want to be on my own I have to. We're moving (maybe) to San Antonio next month or two weeks. I'll look for a job, but I need to learn how to drive. Yes I don't know how to drive. My dad taught my siblings before me even though i'm the second eldest. I suppose it's my fault too though. I didn't really care about driving until now. I have been looking at used cars and can't wait to get my license so I can drive myself to work and my volunteer work, and then finally get my own apartment. 

That is the ultimate freedom for me; Having my own place, paying my own bills, and designing my own place. I need to look for a trade college too though that has vet classes. No luck so far. But i've got time.

I just imagine myself in this great apartment with wooden floors and walk-in closets and large kitchen. I imagine it being beautifully designed by me of course. I see myself with my cat and dog (i can't imagine leaving them behind), so I need to find an apartment that allows large dogs, which isn't easy. 

I get excited thinking of this. Hopefully it works out.

Writer's Block: Family planning

If you wanted to have children and had trouble conceiving, would you be more likely to consider IVF, surrogacy, or adoption, and why?

I would adopt. Reasons? 
  1. I have no clue what IVF is
  2. I am afraid of needles
  3. You don't want to leave kids feeling abandoned.
Truthfully though I probably wouldn't even do anything. I've got to nephews that I adore and wouldn't care either way.